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At Appraisals by Kana, we understand the crucial role that accurate property valuations play in the financing process, especially in the vibrant South Louisiana. Whether you’re a lender seeking assurance on the collateral value of a property or a borrower looking to secure financing in the Lafayette area, our comprehensive appraisal services are designed to meet your needs.


Primary and Secondary Financing in Acadiana

Our appraisal services cover a wide range of loan types, ensuring that lenders and borrowers have access to accurate property valuations for various financing scenarios in Acadiana and Lafayette Parish. From traditional Cash transactions to government-backed loans and everything in between, we provide expert appraisals for:

Cash Transactions

For buyers purchasing properties outright without the need for financing, our appraisals offer an unbiased assessment of the property’s market value, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Conventional Loans

Whether you’re purchasing a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment property in Lafayette, our appraisals support conventional loan transactions by providing lenders with reliable property valuations based on current market conditions in Acadiana.

FHA Loans

As an FHA-approved appraiser serving the Lafayette area, we specialize in providing appraisals for properties financed through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Our FHA-compliant appraisals ensure that properties meet the agency’s standards for safety, security, and structural integrity in Lafayette, Louisiana.

VA Loans

Veterans and active-duty service members deserve the highest level of service when it comes to financing their homes in Lafayette Parish. Our VA-approved appraisals cater to VA loan transactions, providing accurate valuations that meet the Department of Veterans Affairs’ stringent requirements for properties in Acadiana.

USDA Loans

Rural development loans backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are common in the Lafayette area, especially for properties in eligible rural areas of Acadiana. Our appraisals for USDA loan transactions assess properties in Lafayette Parish, ensuring compliance with specific guidelines to help borrowers secure financing for their dream homes in the Lafayette, Louisiana area.

Home Equity Loans

Whether you’re tapping into the equity of your Lafayette property for renovations, debt consolidation, or other financial needs, our appraisals provide accurate valuations to support home equity loan decisions.


  • Accurate property valuations tailored to the specific requirements of each loan type, reflecting the unique characteristics of properties in Lafayette Parish and the surrounding Acadiana region.
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulatory guidelines for FHA, VA, USDA, and home equity loan transactions in the Lafayette area.
  • Timely delivery of appraisal reports to support financing decisions for lenders and borrowers in Acadiana and Lafayette Parish.
  • Expertise in evaluating properties across diverse geographic areas and market conditions, drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the Lafayette, Louisiana area.
  • Confidence in knowing that your appraisal is conducted by experienced, certified professionals committed to delivering reliable results for clients in Acadiana and Lafayette Parish.

A Trusted Home Appraisal Company in Lafayette, LA

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Contact us today to schedule your financing appraisal or to learn more about how our appraisal services can support your financing needs in Acadiana and Lafayette Parish. Whether you’re a lender, borrower, or real estate professional, Appraisals by Kana is here to help you navigate the financing process with confidence and peace of mind in the Lafayette, Louisiana area.

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