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If you're in search of a bail bond, Appraisals by Kana, LLC knows that you might be feeling stressed. That's why we work hard to make getting a bond appraisal as stress-free as possible. We've answered some common questions about bail bond appraisals below. If you don't see the answer to your question here, get in touch and we'll get back to you soon.

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What are appraisals for bail bonds for?

If your loved one needs a bail bond to be discharged from custody, your property can be put up for bond as an alternative to cash bonds. Before a home or property can be used as a bond, the court must ensure that it's worth more than the amount of the bond. A licensed appraiser can perform a bail bond appraisal to analyze the value of your property so that it can be used for bail bond. This is a property bond.

When is a bail bond appraisal necessary?

You'll need a bail bond appraisal if you use your property as bond. This is a good alternative if a loved one is incarcerated and you are unable to put down cash or other assets as collateral to discharge them.

What happens in a bail bond appraisal?

A bail bond appraisal is similar to other appraisals — an appraiser performs an inspection of a property, then writes a report explaining how they estimated the value. You can trust the estimates performed by Appraisals by Kana, LLC thanks to our experience, knowledge of the area, and conformity to the Appraisal Foundation standards and regulations.

How soon do I get a bail bond appraisal?

You're crunched for time, and when it comes to getting someone you care for out of custody fast, we're here to help. When you request an appraisal with Appraisals by Kana, LLC, we want you to rest assured that your order is our highest priority. Contact us today, and we'll work with you to expedite the appraisal. But you don't just require a fast appraisal — you need an accurate one, too. Using your property as bond relies on the value of the property — normally, it must be valued around 150% to 200% the cost of the bail bond. At Appraisals by Kana, LLC, we will work hard to make sure your appraisal is quick, but we won't skimp on the details that make a high quality, accurate appraisal.

Information for bondsmen

If you're a bondsman seeking an appraiser to perform bail bond appraisals, we have the credentials and the experience to provide your customers with swift, stress-free appraisals. We have the credentials for bail bond appraisals, and we would be happy to help. Reach out to us for more information on our experience and credentials.